Back to the blog, and just the blog!

Back to the blog!

This is a more personal blog post to explain the 9 months of silence on this blog and what I plan for it.

In July, I stopped writing here after reconsidering my career as a medical doctor in the USA. This happened at the beginning of a second pregnancy, a time in a woman’s life during which a lot of reflections occur.


After a few months working on Apple and Fiddle, I came to realize that I missed being a doctor, part of which is making diagnostics and prescribing treatments when necessary. So I began working on my equivalence, which is a big piece of work (3 major exams before a 3 year-long residency).

About 6 months later, here am I with my 1-month-old in my arms, trying to “go back to work”. Studying biochemistry, anatomy and other physiology is the first step. It’s also really far from my dream practice.

In the same time, I found myself emotionally challenged at the end of my pregnancy, and among different techniques to take care of myself, I got trapped in some bad food habits. Telling myself that I had to eat for two (which is still true as I breastfeed my baby), I began to eat some chocolate candy and to snack moreand more in a sometimes uncontrollable manner. After the birth, I already have lost a lot of the weight I took during the pregnancy, so weight is not an issue, or losing too much of it is my issue. I also feel terribly tired. “Normal with a newborn” will you tell me… But maybe I can do better with some self-care. Maybe I can keep some weight so I don’t end 15lbs lighter than when I first came to the USA (not pregnant at the time.)

With these two issues in mind (staying motivated for my work and taking care of my fatigue and my weight), I thought I could blog here about the different tools I’m going to use or already using.


Because the most important person I’m coaching is myself!!!
In the next blog post, I will share some techniques I want to implement around cravings and snacking…

Then I will blog around subjects either of my own personnal situation, either around what I study. But please feel free to tell me what subject you wish me to write about, below in the comment section.