Since I was a teenager, I knew I wanted to help people to feel better. That’s why I chose to become a physician, in France, my home country, in order to relieve people’s pain. Practicing as a pulmonologist specialized in lung cancer, I found out that a lot of diseases are preventable, such as those related to smoking, obesity, or environmental exposure, for example. Unfortunately, without the proper help people don’t do what’s necessary to prevent them and are full of regrets when they are sick.

Being specialized in lung cancer, I got the following question many times: “What should I eat to fight cancer, or to get my appetite back?” And many times I gave an answer that I find now silly: “Eat what you want, as long as you ingest enough calories.” At the time I was conscious that fast-food and salty-sugary-greasy food can be bad for your health, but I wasn’t very much into nutrition and cancer-fighting food—so-called “superfood.” Yet fruits were my treat and vegetable were a staple in my fridge. I always was careful about eating in a diversified and balanced way, although my cooking was always simple and fast.

At the end of my 9 years of practice, I met my American husband and we moved to Texas. I discovered a slightly different way to live. It became hard to find a farmer’s market, nearly all the fruit and vegetables were “made in USA” but came from California, and there were very few seasonal vegetables. I discovered also the long and large aisle of processed food in the supermarket. I had to relearn the Texan seasons and to learn about the production mode of dairies and other meat, which were frightening in their industrial mode.

I volunteered in a hospital and discovered how many were sick with diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiac disease, all diseases that can be improved by a better lifestyle. And sometimes a simple lifestyle.

I then decided that I wanted to practice medicine differently and to take time to listen to my patients, and to help them with their lifestyle. Pills are necessary, but lifestyle is essential to good health and a happier life. I chose to become a certified health coach and create Apple and Fiddle to coach families toward a better health. 

But being a health coach isn't enough for me. I miss some parts of the doctor's profession. Moreover, my few encounters with the American medical profession gave me some frustrations, about its price or its organisation for example. Since July 2017, I have been studying to be able to practice as a medical doctor. During this journey, I still want to share my health interests with you. That's why I have restarted writing on the blog since February 2018.