The crappy kitchen and the 3-ingredient pancake recipe

The crappy kitchen and the 3-ingredient pancake recipe

An article about cooking complex, Instragram food pictures and a very fast pancake recipe (with no added sugar in the batter). 

The cooking and Instagram food pictures complex

Today I’m very late to write this blog post. I have planned to write about lunch boxes during Easter weekend, but we ended up sharing with each other this stomach bug… So no work for us, just recovery.

Yet I tried, especially on Saturday morning. I cooked some pancakes. Easy ones, with only 3 ingredients. I thought I could share the recipe with you, with nice pictures of good-looking pancakes. But you’ll see by yourself, my pictures are far from gorgeous.

I still have this horrible blue plastic bowl to cook, my stovetop is very used so it always seems burned, my countertop is always occupied with drying stuff, or the last dry beans I cooked. And I had this depressing moment: how would people choose to work with me if my kitchen isn’t nice, if my pictures look horrible?

Then I thought about everybody else. Maybe most of the clean kitchen are clean because they aren’t used very often? Maybe you think you can’t cook because your kitchen is already so worn? Maybe you think you can’t cook because your only images of cooking are these gorgeous Instagram pictures? Sometime this kind of pressure don’t motivate me but just make me freeze… Are you in the same situation?

So I decided to forget about my complex and to show you the 3-ingredient pancake recipe. It’s from my favorite French cooking website “Marmiton”. There is no added sugar in these pancake, so you may add some on top of them (honey? Maple syrup? Agave syrup?). I had them with peanut butter and sliced apple, my husband with peanut butter, sliced apple and honey. And they were delicious.

Usually I never cook on mornings. I did it only for this blog and it wasn’t so hard at the end, despite my sleepy head. So tell me if you give them a try. I’ll be glad to know!

The 3-ingredient pancakes

5min prep, 5 min cooking. Serves 2.


1 cup of yogurt

2 eggs

5 table spoons of flour (I use 100% whole wheat flour)


In a bowl, 2 cups of yogurt (I use whole milk yogurt)

Add 2 eggs and mix.

Then add 5 table spoons of flour and mix well again.

Here’s the batter ready to use

Pour one ladle of batter for each pancake.

Look for air bubbles coming (the small black dots). It’s time to flip the pancakes.

And maybe I should have flipped them when the first bubble appeared, not the third… Let’s say they aren’t burned but well colored.


Short version: 

Mix yogurt and eggs together, then add the flour and mix well again.

On a hot non-stick pan, pour some batter. Wait until you see some air bubbles coming through the batter before turning them. The second side is usually pretty fast to be cooked (and colored).

Tadaaaa! It’s ready!


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