Specialized in empowering women who want to live a healthier lifestyle with their whole family.

  • Do you lack imagination for fresh and healthy meals for you and your family?
  • Is it hard to make your children turn off their video games or the TV and get moving? Are your kids always fidgety or distracted?
  • Are you overweight despite your efforts in counting calories?
  • Are the words « diabetes », « high blood pressure » or « cholesterol » sadly infamous in your family?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, I might be able to help you.



"An apple a day keeps the doctor away!"

And "Fit as a fiddle!"

Nutrition and exercise are two fundamental parts of Apple&Fiddle. But it's also about an attitude and a lifestyle.
Simplicity, joy and true food are my values. 



I begin my health

You get to know the very basics in nutrition and in how to exercise as a family. You receive simple and sustainable advice, and you realize that it is as easy as eating an apple! You’ll also learn to keep the good habits you started. Meanwhile you’ll feel less stressed, more focused, having more patience for good family-time.

I pursue my health

You will learn basic knowledge about nutrition and physiology (how your body works). I will help you with practical tools to prepare healthy meals for the entire family without exploding your budget or spending to much time. You will all feel better and get closer of an optimal weight. You start to feel as fit as a fiddle.

I sustain my health

With this coaching, you will feel empowered about your health. You will be the captain of the ship and learn how to reach the goals you want for yourself. Beyond health advice, you build your values including health and sustainability. Your new eating habits keep the doctor away and you are getting fit.

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This is a free 30 days challenge, sent to you by e-mail. I help you to track down your sugar intake.

Stéphanie Dallas, TX

I received precious information that I would have taken time and energy to find by myself, if I would have found them at all.

Caroline Philadelphia, PA

This sugar challenge was really an eye opener. I’ve never realized I was eating so much hidden sugar. And I thought I was eating healthy choosing fig bars or other cereal bars for snack instead of candy bar. I was all wrong and full of sugar! Thanks to this challenge, I have reduced my sugar intake and have lost 4pounds. I eat more nuts, more fruits and I drink more water! Thank you very much Kirsten!

Kirsten Schubel-Graber is specialized in empowering women to get a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their family, in a simple and joyfull way. 
She practiced 9 years as a pulmonologist in France before coming to the USA and becoming a Dr Sears certified health coach.

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